Order picking trolleys

Order picking trolleys

Order picking trolleys have unlimited uses.

Roll containers and especially our order picking trolleys support your staff in many different ways. Be it package transport, postal delivery, or simply as a mobile office rack. The principal use however is as an outstandingly easy to handle order picking trolley to collect various articles, for example for shipping, or assembly of orders. You can add the available options to the standard KT2, KT3, and KT4 models and will receive the ideal trolley for your requirements. Some of the shelfs available can be used horizontally or can be inclined, in which case the shelf can be equipped with a 100 mm border to keep your wares from slipping off the edge. Traceless and silent full-rubber wheels prevent unwanted traces and conserve the floor surface.


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700x405xH1560 2-sided Commission trolley

Product no.: KT-2
700x405xH1560 mm Commission trolley KT2


CHF 299.00 *
CHF 335.00
You save CHF 36.00
Delivery weight: 25 kg

900x464xH1600 commission trolley KT3

Product no.: KT-3
900x465xH1600 mm commission trolley KT3


CHF 458.00 *
Delivery weight: 28 kg

1297x625xH1800 Commission Trolley KT4

Product no.: KT-4
1297x625xH1800 mm commission trolley KT4


CHF 642.00 *
Delivery weight: 35 kg

1150x665xH1790 Rollercage MR1107-3 Sided (50er Mesh)

Product no.: MR1107-3S-50

Wire cage Rollcontainer for your Sales forecourt or for prepare orders in your logistics. 

CHF 425.70 *
on stock
Delivery weight: 38 kg
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