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New 720x860xH1740 MRN070818-3S

Product no.: MRN070818-3S Sonderposten

720x860xH1740 mm, nestable wiremesh roll container, 3-sided, 1 foldable shelf and quality wheelset  elastic.


CHF 235.00 *
Regular price CHF 470.00
You save CHF 235.00
on stock
Delivery weight: 41 kg

RXCP 1425B.4LR100

Product no.: RXCP 1425B.4LR100

starting from CHF 148.00 *
Regular price CHF 279.75
You save CHF 131.75
on stock
Delivery weight: 40 kg

870x650xH1800 Wiremesh roll container MR0906-3S50

Product no.: MR090618-3S50

870x650xH1800  agile trolley with 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors, optimized for stacking normboxes/ bacs 600x400 mm

CHF 258.90 *
Regular price CHF 323.60
You save CHF 64.70
on stock
Delivery weight: 30 kg

1240x835xH970 Pool wiremesh container UIC conform

Product no.: Euro Pool Gitterbox

unfoldable Wiremesh container, UIC conform   Min. Order = 10 units

starting from CHF 159.00 *
Regular price CHF 253.00
You save CHF 94.00
on stock
Delivery weight: 70 kg

1290x665xH1830 Trolley MR130618-3 Sided (50er Mesh)

Product no.: MR130618-3S50

Wire cage Rollcontainer for your Sales forecourt or for prepare orders in your logistics. 

CHF 354.00 *
Regular price CHF 390.00
You save CHF 36.00
on stock
Delivery weight: 38 kg

New 1213x813xH1900 secure pallet container

Product no.: SPC120818

CHF 408.00 *
Regular price CHF 515.00
You save CHF 107.00
on stock
Delivery weight: 75 kg


Product no.: SSP120808-1K12

CHF 245.00 *
Regular price CHF 249.00
You save CHF 4.00
on stock
innerhalb 5-10 Tagen lieferbar
Delivery weight: 35 kg

1200x800xH1800 Safety roll container

Product no.: SRC120818

SRC1208.18, safety roll-container in Euro-format 1200x800


CHF 418.00 *
Regular price CHF 598.00
You save CHF 180.00
on stock
Delivery weight: 75 kg

New 720x800xH1800 Wiremesh roll container MR070818-3S 3-sided

Product no.: MR070818-3S 5er Set

CHF 900.00 / 5 piece(s) *
Regular price CHF 1,015.00
You save CHF 115.00
1 piece(s) = CHF 180.00
on stock
Delivery weight: 100 kg

1190x900xH1020 Wiremesh container PCMK110910

Product no.: PCMK 110910 (Bordeaux)

Foldable Wiremesh container,  designed for wine bottles Bordeau but also for any kind of goods such a wood ,.   Container height 980 mm


starting from CHF 158.40 *
Regular price CHF 255.00
You save CHF 96.60
on stock
Delivery weight: 59 kg
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