Pallet Containers

Pallet Containers
Pallet Containers
Foldable wiremesh containers will solve your space saving problems
Arcawa's tough wiremesh containers have up to 1000 Kg load capacity, and additional 3000 Kg top load (3 on 1), although the container itself is quite light. While you're not using the containers, they can easily be folded back into a space saving size, and can of course be stacked on one another. To ease the emptying process of the container, it is equipped with a half-opening flap. All surfaces have a high quality electrolytic zinc finish and are thus ideally protected against corrosion and also great for uses outdoors..
The containers can be equipped with diverse accessories like property plate, separative pieces,  etc. We can also produce them with so-called "long feet" which improve the stability of the container if it is placed on industrial shelfs, or on a conveyor system.

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860x580xH680 Wiremesh container PC-Mini 1

Product no.: PC-Mini 1

on stock
Delivery weight: 18 kg

800x660xH750 Wiremesh container PC-Mini 2

Product no.: PC-Mini 2

on stock
innerhalb 10-15 Tage Tagen lieferbar
Delivery weight: 22 kg

1200x80xH790 Wiremesh container PCMK120808

Product no.: PCMK 120808

Delivery weight: 41 kg

1200x800xH980 Wiremesh container PCMK120810

Product no.: PCMK 120810

on stock
Delivery weight: 44 kg

1200x800xH1190 Wiremesh container PCMK120812

Product no.: PCMK 120812

Delivery weight: 48 kg

1150x850xH980 Wiremesh container Wine PCMK1158510

Product no.: PCMK 1158510

Delivery weight: 44 kg

1190x900xH1020 Wiremesh container PCMK110910

Product no.: PCMK 110910 (Bordeaux)

on stock
Delivery weight: 59 kg

1200x1000xH980 Wiremesh container PCMK121010

Product no.: PCMK 121010

on stock
Delivery weight: 47 kg

1250x1050xH980 Wiremesh container PCMK12510510

Product no.: PCMK 12510510

Delivery weight: 51 kg

1200x1000xH1180 Wiremesh container PCMK121012 Jumbo

Product no.: PCMK121012-BI

on stock
Delivery weight: 57 kg

1450x1140xH1180 Wiremesh container PCMK 14511412 MAX

Product no.: PCMK 14511412 MAX

Delivery weight: 81 kg

2000x1200xH1180 Wiremesh container PCMK 201212 SMAX

Product no.: PCMK 201212 SMAX

Delivery weight: 100 kg

1220x820xH960 Wiremesh container PCMK120810 EMAK

Product no.: PCMK 120810-EMAK

estimated Delivery time15-25
Delivery weight: 50 kg

1240x835xH570 Pool wiremesh container

Product no.: Euro Gitterbox KK

Delivery weight: 60 kg

New 1240x835xH570 Pool wiremesh container

Product no.: Euro Gitterbox GK

Delivery weight: 60 kg

1240x835xH970 Pool wiremesh container UIC conform

Product no.: Euro Pool Gitterbox

on stock
Delivery weight: 70 kg

1240x835xH970 Pool wiremesh container with Lid

Product no.: Euro Gitterbox m. Deckel

on stock
innerhalb 15-25 Tagen lieferbar
Delivery weight: 70 kg

1240x835xH970 foldable wiremesh container

Product no.: Euro Gitterbox Klappbar

Delivery weight: 80 kg

1200x800xH830 Heavy-duty steel Euro box pallet

Product no.: ATSB-SON0053

Delivery weight: 60 kg